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You can manage availabilities in two ways, either directly from the Timeline or from the Fieldcode Admin Panel inside the Users menu.
Let’s have a look at how to do it from the Timeline.

  1. Open the context menu of a particular engineer.
  2. Click on Manage availability.
Left-click on the highlighted button to open the context menu.
Quick tip

You can also manage availabilities for your users from Fieldcode Admin Panel -> Users -> Absences & Availability tab.

Learn more about managing availabilities inside Fieldcode Admin Panel

Configuring availabilities from the Timeline:

  1. Click on ADD NEW AVAILABILITY in the top-right corner to freely select the time, or click on a free spot in the calendar to have the time already pre-filled.
  2. Select the availability type.
    You can choose between on-call-duty and absence.
  3. (Optional) Toggle the All day availability toggle to make the absence/on-call duty for the whole day.
  4. (Optional) Toggle the Multiple day toggle to add the new availability over a course of more days.
  5. Select a substitute from the dropdown that will fill in the position for this day.
  6. Select the matching absence type.
  7. Describe the reason for the absence.
  8. Click on SAVE.
Managing an availability

You will see the configured absence highlighted in the Timeline at the right time frame.
Hovering over the absence will display the absence type and the time frame.

Absence tooltip
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