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Partner companies usually assist your regular dispatch groups by fulfilling the ticket service (usually under a subcontract). 

To learn more about Partner Accounts check the Partner Accounts topic.

  1. Go to Fieldcode admin panel.
  2. Go to Access -> Partners
  3. Click on the Plus button.
  4. Insert or edit the name of the partner company in the Name field.
  5. Insert or edit the location of your partner company (described below).
  6. Click Save.

Search for location automatically

  1. In the search field enter a new address or edit the current one.
  2. Click Enter to affirm the entered address.
  3. The manual fields will fill in automatically, if the system recognizes the address.
  4. Click Save.

Search for location manually

  1. Insert or edit the address of the partner company in the address field.
  2. Insert or edit the ZIP of the partner company in ZIP field.
  3. Insert or edit the city of the partner company in the city field.
  4. (Optional) Insert or edit the state/province/region of the partner company.
  5. Select  or edit the country from the drop down, where the partner company is located.
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