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  1. Select a dispatch group in the Timeline.
  2. Click on the magic stick.
  3. Select the optimization interval. You can select between today, tomorrow or a defined duration (max. to 1 week!).
  4. Click on Optimize Now.
  5. Wait for desired results (Optimization results may improve with time passing).
  6. Click on Take Over.
  7. Optional: Click on Minimize and Continue optimizing in background (Optimization results may improve with time passing).
You are not happy with the Optimization results?
No problem, you can easily undo the Optimization. Undoing the Optimization will move the tickets back to the Ticket Pool (except locked tickets).
  1. Click on the expand arrow right next to the magic stick.
  2. Click on Undo Optimize Now.
  3. Confirm the upcoming security prompt with Undo.
    Be advised that manual changes to tickets after the Optimization will also be affected by the Undo Optimization since they were technically part of the Optimization process.
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