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PURPOSE: MYDISPATCH is a tool to support the worldwide daily dispatching processes for the mobile engineer fleet.

BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: This application runs best with Mozilla Firefox.

SCREEN RESOLUTION: The application should be used on monitors with minimum 24’’ display size.

ACCESS: Access can be requested for dispatchers to the live system via their line Manager / GSDM and has to be raised via IT.

CONFIGURATION: Dispatch areas and availability of projects is subject to discussion during the implementation of new project or due to changes in the current dispatch processes. Changes or requests for new implementations can be raised with IT as well.

Requesting access: The GSDM / project leader of the project can raise an IT ticket stating the project name, naming the requested changes. Screenshots or links to / the existing HIS pages are extremely helpful and speed up the process.

General questions: If you have any other question or feedback, please reach out to Fieldcode Support.

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