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Release Notes for the Fieldcode Work Place

FeatureGeneral15 December 2022
• You can now resize each component directly in work place without opening the edit view
FeatureScheduling assistant15 December 2022
• We have enhanced the Scheduling assistant to provide real-time recommendations when checking for the engineer’s availability
FeatureTicket Details15 December 2022
• The ticket tabs on the Ticket Details component have been redesigned
FeatureTicket Details: Parts15 December 2022
• Attachments or signatures for parts coming from the FMA will now be displayed under the parts tab on the Ticket Details component
ImprovementTicket Pool15 December 2022
• ESDT is now available to filter and sort in the Ticket Pool view
FixTicket Details: History15 December 2022
• Assigning an engineer only to a ticket from the scheduling assistant will no longer add the misleading history log “Appointment has been fixed with the end user" to the history
• The history was on occasion displaying duplicate history logs after the redesign this will no longer happen
• The history was not updating without a refresh after the redesign - this is no longer an issue - the history will update now without a refresh
FeatureTicket Details24 November 2022
• The history has been completely redesigned so that it is now displayed in one chronological list
• New option for searching the history and improved filtering with fresh new icons making each history log more distinguishable from the next
• Each history log can be expanded to display further details
ImprovementTicket Details & Ticket Pool24 November 2022
• It is no longer possible to grab a ticket once a ticket is closed/canceled
• Once a ticket is closed/canceled the ticket will remove the grabbed by the user
FixParts form24 November 2022
• We have fixed the issue that affected saving parts after using the “SAVE & ADD NEW” button, both save buttons will now work as expected on the parts from.
FixScheduling assistant25 October 2022
• Called party will be displayed on the call log when filling out the "talked to" section from the scheduling assistant
FixOptimizer18 October 2022
• Performance has been improved for calculating routes and is now 20% faster than before with a noticeable increase in accuracy and precision
• Time calculations have been corrected so now when selecting a defined duration, the end time of the selected end date will be used as the end time
• Issues with selecting and adjusting the defined duration date and times have been fixed and will no longer throw an error when there is no real error
FixMap18 October 2022
• The “Schedule Ticket” option will no longer be displayed when right-clicking on tickets that have scheduled appointments already
• It is no longer possible to move the ticket pin around the map
FeatureScheduling assistant28 September 2022
• Tickets booked through the Customer portal will come with appointments therefore we have made it possible for Dispatchers to schedule the tickets to an engineer using the scheduling assistant
FeatureMap22 September 2022
• We updated the Map ticket pin coloring to match the new ticket colors from the Timeline
FeatureTicket Details22 September 2022
• We now include a Remove Pending button which allows you to remove a pending ticket directly from the Ticket Details component
15 September 2022
• We provide clearer messaging for you when attempting to assign or unassign partner engineers or internal engineers
• We have included a new field for adding an ESDT (Earliest service delivery time) to a ticket. When populated it will be visible on the Ticket Details component
FeatureScheduling assistant / Ticket Details22 September 2022
• You can now lock a specific engineer to a ticket with or without setting an appointment
FeatureTimeline22 September 2022
• You can now open a ticket in a new tab from the Timeline
ImprovementScheduling assistant15 September 2022
• We have improved the informational text to stand out more so it cannot be missed when moving a ticket to the Clipboard
Enterprise Only
• Cooperation between accounts: Support the customer in better decision making about which tickets should be processed and handed over to any of the configured cooperation partner by checking for potential outsource partners when scheduling tickets (only available if you have at least one registered enterprise cooperation partner using Fieldcode)
PerformanceSearch15 September 2022
• Exchange requests were reduced, this results in a boosted search performance
FixTicket Pool22 September 2022
• Clicking on “Show on Map” from the Ticket Pool: Dispatch view, with more than 100 tickets, will now show the ticket on the Map for all tickets
FixScheduling assistant22 September 2022
• We fixed the Scheduling assistant so it is now movable once again when left clicking the top and dragging
FixOptimize Now15 September 2022
• Switching between optimizations will no longer show the heading of the last run Optimization
FixAdding Parts15 September 2022
• The name of the PUDO location will now be saved and visible on the parts form after creation
FeatureTimeline• New and fresh updated ticket color scheme
• We have updated the Timeline component to display all the active Engineers assigned to the selected Dispatch group on the Timeline regardless of their working hours or availabilities
FeatureOptimizeNow• Timeline Preview is again displayed on the Optimizer pop over when running the Optimizer
FeatureScheduling assistant• To improve flexibility when setting the customer availabilities for a ticket we now allow you to provide a multiple day service window greater than 24 hours
FeatureMap• You can now display a dispatched ticket on the Timeline from the Map
FeatureTicket Details• We now display the pending until time for when the ticket will automatically move out of the Clipboard back into the Ticket Pool
ImprovementOptimizer• Improved messages to show Engineer or Dispatch group names rather than the ID's
PerformanceOptimizer• Fixed or proposed tickets receive priority during optimization and will remain on the Timeline when possible
• Optimizer has been improved to provide better schedule recommendations for Scheduling assistant
• Improved dependency handling when running the Optimizer (between PUDO's
and tickets)
FixTimeline• Engineers with no availabilities will now show in yellow when attempting to drag and drop a ticket onto them
FixOptimizer• Optimizer warning and error messages will remain even after minimizing the optimizer window
FixScheduling assistant• Dispatchers will no longer be displayed under Engineer preference when using the scheduling assistant
• Scheduling assistant opens with the same display data no matter wherefrom it is opened
FixMap• Quickly switching between engineers when viewing their routes will no longer crash the page
FixTicket Details• No longer possible to accidentally create duplicates when creating parts when clicking to fast
• Timezone for part creation has been corrected to display the same timezone as ticket
FeatureMap28 July 2022
• Added a popup displaying the distance between planned tickets
• Pop over with the ticket details will show when hovering over single tickets on the Map
• Added a Map scale (click on scale to switch between km and mi)
FeatureTicket Details: Parts tab28 July 2022
• The Part return options selected by the engineer when reporting from FMA will now be displayed in the Parts section on the Ticket Details component
FeatureTicket Details28 July 2022
• Added a publish and unpublish button on the Ticket Details component
FeatureClipboard8 July 2022
• The Clipboard is used to move and store tickets in a pending list in order to work on them later
FeatureTimeline8 July 2022
• You can now organize your engineers into subgroups on the Timeline
FeatureTimeline 8 July 2022
• Dates in the past are now clearly identified with a light tint on the Timeline
FeatureOptimizer8 July 2022
• New meaningful error and warning messages will now show if the optimizer runs into any issues
ImprovementOptimizer28 July 2022
• An informational text will be displayed on the Optimizer popover whenever it is not possible to take over the current Optimization
• We now show you the number of iterations the Optimizer has already run in order to indicate how mature the current optimization is
ImprovementWorkflows28 July 2022
• Workflow improvements: Timelog and event handling
PerformanceOptimizer28 July 2022
• Ticket with dependencies that would result with an invalid outcome will be excluded from optimization
• Optimizer will better handle when multiple dispatch groups are optimized at the same time with the same engineer and assigned tickets
• Improved route distance calculations between two locations
• Optimizer improvements handling multiple engineers for more than one DG
PerformanceGeneral8 July 2022
• Handling of parts return report configuration for backend changes has been improved
• Improved general performance of Map component
FixMap8 July 2022
• We have improved the Map so that the icons and engineer routes will no longer blink or disappear when zooming in/out.
• Map status filtering issues have been corrected to show only the filtered tickets
FixTimeline28 July 2022
• Fixed issue with the ticket outline indicator from displaying the wrong time duration length when dragging & dropping from Ticket Pool to Timeline
8 July 2022
• Workload indicator accuracy issues have been corrected
• Engineer tooltip on Timeline has been fixed and now shows updated/current address
FixScheduling assistant8 July 2022
• Time preference chips will stay visible when switching between days
FixOptimizer28 July 2022
• Corrected the issue that prevented the Undo Optimize Now option from working as intended
8 July 2022
• Corrected issue where sometimes the Optimizer would show old results when running it
FixTicket Details28 July 2022
• Proposed appointments will now save in the Proposed area on the Intervention tab
• Fixed issue with the search query not working when clicking on some of the magnifying glasses
FeatureTicket Details• You can now show tickets on the Timeline by using on the magnifier glass icon next to the appointment times in the header or in the overview on the Ticket Details component
FeatureTimeline• The engineer pane will always remain visible when scrolling through the Timeline (Feature not supported in Chrome: <56).
FeatureMap• Now you can open the Scheduling Assistant directly from the Map
• When a PUDO is assigned to a ticket, the PUDO icon will now show as an additional stop on the engineer’s route when displaying it on the Map component.
FeatureGeneral• Prepared our solution for multi-factor authentication (MFA) capability
ImprovementOptimizer• Optimizer handles LSDT violations according to projects settings
ImprovementGeneral• Improved memory consumption which reduces the need for our teams to manually reset internal services 
ImprovementMap• Unified show on map functionality for tickets and engineers
ImprovementTicket Details: Parts / Shipping• You are now able to include Contact details when filling out the shipping delivery options Custom and Affected
• Adding an address for a Custom delivery is no longer mandatory
• We have also removed the duplicated ETA and Shipped details from the shipping information header as well as updated the look and feel of the Parts tab overall
ImprovementTicket Pool• You are now able to sort the "Grabbed by" column as well as search for users that have grabbed tickets by their User name
• Scrolling in the Ticket Pool is now possible when using a smaller resolution
• Once the copied query is opened in new window, searching results are instantly open and displayed
ImprovementTicket Details• Custom Fields can now be included on intervention reports (Changes can be requested by contacting support@fieldcode.com)
• It is now possible to download uploaded GIFs from the Attachments tab
• General adjustments to the components UI, coloring, reactive magnifying glass icons and removal of unused space
• Added Parts are now ordered by creation date
PerformanceGeneral• AWS Global Accelerator activated - Requests are now routed from nearest data centers
PerformanceTimeline• Improved data loading and component performance
PerformanceOptimizer• Improved elastic search performance
FixOptimizer• Improved the optimization for skills consideration when the optimizer is running
FixTicket Pool• Using the “Show on map” action will always show the ticket on the map regardless of the dispatch group that is currently selected on the map
• Dispatch group synchronization between the Ticket Pool and the Map has been greatly improved
FixTicket Details• The time and date of the updated LSDT will now display correctly showing the date as in the History
• The date along with the time will now be displayed in the Ticket Details overview when clicking the Set proposed appt. button on the Scheduling Assistant
• Devices that are not in warranty will now be clearly marked with a red X on the Device tab 
• Workstart / end times reported from FMA will now display correctly on the Ticket Details component
• Appointment will no longer display in the Ticket Details header when the appointment has been canceled
• Dispatch group in ''Schedule Ticket'' is now properly hidden in dropdown based on admin panel Dispatch group settings
FixTicket Details: Parts• "Date & Time" Custom Field that are used on forms will no longer be automatically filled with current date if it is not filled out manually
FixTimeline• Fixed issues where some tickets were not displaying correcting when dragging and dropping them onto the Timeline
• Improved data loading and component performance
• Smartness: Tickets that have a proposed or fixed timeframe outside of optimization interval will be ignored during optimization
FixParts Management• Shipping Information will now save with the correct order number
FeaturePartner AccountsIntroducing Partner Accounts!
• With our new feature partner accounts you are now able to easily assign tickets to partner engineers. Not only that, you can also create partner companies and partner dispatchers, all done with our focus on privacy in mind.
• Partner engineers can only see other partner engineers and their partner company. Try it out! You can recognize partner engineers easily and every time on the Timeline, as they are showcased in italics!
• Good to know: Partner engineers and dispatchers are part of your main tenant, so you have full control of what's happening with them.
• Assigning tickets to partner engineers is as easy as ever, simply right click on a ticket, open the context menu and voila - add a partner from there.
FeatureWelcome here!Introducing our new manual!
• Fresh and modern design
• Improved topic search capabilities
• Improved and easier navigation
• New topic structure
• You can rate topics (Rating System - Direct Feedback)
• Improved table of contents gives you the option to quickly jump inside a topic
• Quick copy links to easily share help with others
• Responsive UI (Support for smart devices)
• Last updated dates ensure improved maintenance
• Topic print option
• Overhauled topics with more focus
ImprovementTicket Details• We added new buttons for Assign / Unassign Partner in the Ticket Pool context menu and the Ticket Details.
ImprovementScheduling assistant• Scheduling assistant / LSDT update: A new "Add comment" field was added so you can comprehend the reason why an LSDT was updated.
ImprovementOptimizer• Smarter behavior than before: Optimize Now takes the timezone of the triggering person in mind, instead the timezone of the dispatch group.
• Fixes to simultaneous usage of Optimize Now for more than one user in the same Dispatch group
PerformanceGeneral• Real-time changes on tickets have improved performance on the UI
PerformanceOptimizer• Invalid tickets discovered during optimization will no longer block Optimize Now from optimizing other tickets
• PUDO appointments will be dispatched as well and visible on the Timeline when taking over Optimize Now results
• Locked tickets will no longer be affected when using Optimize Now
FixOptimizer• The user selected timeframe now is processed and displayed correctly on the Optimize Now pop over
• Optimize Now will continue to run in background even after refreshing
FixTicket Details (Popover)• Edit ticket - COMS works now properly in ticket pop-up
FixTicket Pool• Map icon and text is now properly behaving when the label is changed
• Tickets sort properly now, even after the ticket updates
FixTicket Details• Part ETA time zones fixes (overview vs details)
FixForms• Info messages are now visible for custom fields
FixGeneral• Tokens refresh now properly in case of a reconnect
FixTimeline• We fixed an issue that affected timezones, when the pcs' timezone was too far in the future
FeatureMap• You are now able to filter tickets by status in the Map and improved filtering overall
• You are now able to open tickets with right click in Ticket Details
• Clustered tickets now have a show all option on the Map sidebar, once clicked all the tickets will show in a list then once you click on a single ticket it will automatically zoom into the ticket location, also scrolling in and out of the Map automatically clusters and un-clusters tickets and in the Map sidebar as well
FeatureParts form• Custom fields created for the Part object are now useable in the Parts form
• A return option has been added to the shipping form allowing one to create shipping information for the return tracking of a part

FeatureTimeline• Now you can locate the engineers on the map from the popover on the Timeline
• New search option to find any CNI or Engineer for the selected day
FeatureTimeline / Map• On the Timeline you can now use the new context menu or right click on an engineer to see their base location on the Map
ImprovementGeneral• All dropdown menu behaviour have been unified so you can now clear out “optional” dropdown fields by clicking on the X
ImprovementScheduling assistant• We have updated the Scheduling assistant to now only display 2 time preference chips Full Day and 9 to 5
ImprovementTicket Details• We have improved the Parts tab to display a preview of the most important details for the shipping information
• The assigned Dispatch group is clearly indicated in the overview
• Timestamp column added to the LSDT Updates area on the History tab
• The “Schedule Ticket” button will now only be displayed when in APPOINTMENT status or in PENDING WAIT ONSITE status (only for tickets with proposed appointments)
• Redesigned the UI of the COMS section for Info and Comment. Also you can no longer save without adding a comment.
ImprovementTimeline• The multiple popovers for the Timeline have been unified with same look and feel
PerformanceGeneral• Improved performance for the Map, Timeline, Ticket Pool
• UI corrections for the switches throughout work place
• Error page with support email added to work place if something goes wrong
• Various backend improvements
PerformanceMap• Performance improvements
PerformanceTicket Pool• Improved search performance
FixScheduling assistant• Corrected issue where “overnight” would always be displayed rather than the chosen timeframe on an added / edited chip
• Fixed an issue where tickets would jump to the start of the customer availability time range rather than staying at the dispatched time even when it was within the customer availability
• Times will now display as midnight 00:00 (12:00 am)
• You can now manually add overnight time ranges using the scheduling assistant. In addition, when accessing the scheduling assistant from a dispatched ticket an overnight chip will be automatically created and available to select
FixScheduling assistant / Timeline• Fixed issue where one could create appointments with mismatched start and end times
FixTicket Details• All sections under the History tab are now sorted the same in descending order
• Corrected issues where sometimes duplicate tickets would be displayed twice in Ticket Details
• Fixed an issue where selecting an option form the COMS menu would not open while the edit from was also open
• Priority details has been added to the overview tab
• When ticket has only one available dispatch group, scheduling assistant will open for that dispatch group automatically
FixTicket Details / Scheduling assistant• Timezone issues have been corrected so that warning and critical Indications will trigger at the expected time
FixTicket Details / Timeline• Locations that have a State will now be displayed
FixTicket Pool• Info / Alert / Part column icon tooltips have been reworked to display the proper information when hovering your mouse over them
• Fixed issues where the name of the user who grabbed a ticket was not displayed
FixTimeline• Fixed issue where sometimes the page would crash after trying to Publish tickets
• Fixed a display issue with On-call duties not showing correctly
• Fixed rare issue where it was able to move a published ticket to another slot
• You can now use mouse click to select the option on the “Show me” feature
FeatureTimeline• Tickets with skills with assigned skills will display a warning message over the engineers without the same skill
ImprovementMap• Map has been improved to show only the dispatched tickets on the selected date chosen
ImprovementTicket Pool• Tickets will be highlighted as you are hovering over them in the Ticket Pool
ImprovementTimeline• Sorting and filtering options added to the ticket publishing form
• Improved the way we display the working hours of the engineers on the Timeline
• A full ticket outline has been added when dragging a ticket onto the Timeline allowing you to see how much space will be used when placing the ticket
• Performance improvements for the Optimizer
FixAnalytics• Analytic query corrections
FixScheduling Assistant• After setting a proposed appt. the Schedule Assistant will display the correct time chip once it is opened again
FixSidebarImport tickets• Fixed some mapping error issues
FixTicket Details• Fixed issue where some of the forms would not be fully displayed causing user to scroll through form
• Tickets that have been grabbed will update in real-time for all users
• Fixed an issue where sometimes only the avatar would be displayed and not the name when grabbing a ticket
• Text in the Ticket Details component will no longer overlap when setting the browser window to a smaller size
• Fixed issue where tabbed tickets would duplicate themselves
FixTicket Details: COMSEmail• Fixed the slow down and freezing issues when filling out the To, CC and BCC fields
FixTicket Pool• Improved scrolling performance
FixTimeline• Fixed issues with ticket coloring for PUBLISHED - POTENTIAL DELAY tickets so now they will change to the appropriate yellow dashed color format when a delay is expected
• A proper error message will now show when the undo optimization fails
• On-call duties will be displayed in green on the Timeline
• A header has been added to the driving details pop up when hovering the drive time
• Fixed issue where sometimes when selecting the time picker it was showing the minutes of the actual time and not just “:00” as intended
FeatureMap • We have updated the map in order to provide a much clearer view of the tickets and your engineers
FeatureTicket Details
• We have added new Schedule ticket button for the Ticket Details component
ImprovementMap • Corrected date font size
ImprovementTicket Details
• A tool tip showing your local time is now displayed when hovering over the appointment on the overview tab
ImprovementTicket Pool
• The system has been updated to provide an appropriate message if the project is allowed or not allowed to violate the LSDT when scheduling
• Display issues have been corrected
FixMap • Dispatch groups selection fixed when using Safari
FixScheduling assistant • After updating the LSDT the Time preferences chips will update without needing to close and reopen the form
FixTicket Details • The "Since when" column under the condition tab has been corrected to show the right timezone
• Scheduling assistant was made only available for APPOINTMENT and PENDING WAIT ON-SITE status
• COMS button drop downs have been fixed so that they will now provide a list when the Ticket Details component is not being used for the view
• Fixed CNE display issue
• New text added "Choose template", when email templates are present for the project
FixTicket Pool • Sometimes when exporting tickets you would get an empty file due to too many results found, we will now not send an empty file but display an error message asking you to refine your query if there are too many results
FixTimeline • Fixed issues where sometimes newly scheduled tickets would not show up in the list when trying to publish them
• Fixed issue where the workload indicator was calculating the time for other workdays
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