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Release Notes for Fieldcode Work Place

ImprovementTicket Details
• Comment input field limited to a max of 250 characters
FixAnalytics• Fixed display and scroll bar issues on the productivity tab for the Analytics component
• Analytics page responsiveness improved
FixGeneral• New and improved yellow warning message preventing you from burning your eyes out
FixMap• Tickets can be dragged from the Ticket Pool onto the Map to an engineer
• Searching for engineers is no longer case sensitive
• Timezones have been corrected in order to always show available engineers on the map
• Dispatch groups are now sorted alphabetically
• Map zoom and position stays the same all the time
• Clicking enter will trigger the search
• When you click on an email link on the Map it will open into your email program
FixParts• Zip code is no longer mandatory to fill out when filling the PUDO form on the Parts form
FixScheduling assistant• Unneeded scrollbars removed
• Remove show more option when it is not needed
• Update LSDT dropdown text is no longer cut off
• Calendar dates after LSDT are disabled ONLY if LSDT breach is not allowed for project
• Time preference chips are only displayed in the Scheduling assistant which end before LSDT time
• Calllog notes have been updated for fixed or proposed appointments
• Inactive engineers will no longer be displayed on the Scheduling assistant
FixSearch areas• Letters qpgjy will no longer be cut off on the bottom of some input fields
FixTicket Details• Unnecessary warning message removed from parts form
• Long Ticket Info messages will display with line breaks no longer running off the page
• Forms open after first click
• Comments added to the ticket from the Ticket Details component will be displayed without the need to refresh
• Font updated in some sections
FixTicket Pool• Ticket info counter updates in realtime
• Fixed appointments will now show correctly TO - FROM
• Fixed to date displayed in the Ticket Pool will be the same in the Fixed date on the Intervention tab on the Ticket Details component
• Empty columns in the Ticket Pool will display "-"
• Random empty column removed from the Ticket Pool
• Grab it/ungrab selection in 3 dot menu corrected
• Hovering over the Part icon in the Ticket Pool will show a tooltip displaying the number of parts assigned to the ticket
FixTimeline• Timeline engineer availability color coding corrected
• Ticket dispatch status changes are reflected in ticket color coding properly
• End time indicator is now showing even when another engineer has an On-call duty scheduled to start at the same time
• Timeline slider will display the selected time period correctly
• Timeline start time will stay persistent when changing days
• Dragging a ticket onto an on-call duty slot will display green instead of yellow which caused confusion
• Performance enhancements
• Tickets displaying on the Timeline issues corrected
• Text color has been updated on the pop up when you hover your mouse over a ticket in the Timeline
FeatureTicket Pool
• Parts are now visible on the Ticket pool with a new parts icon in Info/Alert
• The initial LSDT and all following LSDT updates are now displayed in the Ticket Details header
ImprovementTicket Details • Timezone of the affected user will now be visible on the Ticket Details component
ImprovementTimeline• Inactive engineers will be grayed out for past dates in the Timeline however, they will not be visible at all for any future dates. You can remove them completely from the Timeline by simply removing the engineer from the Dispatch group
FixAnalytics• Adjustments to Analytics queries: Sort order fixed and queries not working fixed
FixAnalytics• Query redefined
• Icons removed
FixAsset Management• The scroll bar will only be displayed when you hover over the Asset Management component
FixMap• Ticket appears on map right after creation without the need to refresh
FixParts• Parts form - Timezone - ETA date not properly converted before, now working as expected
FixParts form• Edit/add part form has been adjusted to fit the whole screen in order to reduce scrolling
FixScheduling assistant• Adjusted and renamed header and buttons on Scheduling assistant
• Update LSDT button has been made more visible
• Contact details added to main view next to calendar
• Timezone and timestamp corrections in Scheduling assistant
• Save button disabled when no engineers are available
FixTicket Details• Appointment creation date no longer appears
• Redundant fields have been removed from the intervention tab
• Removed duplicate tooltips when hovering over the history
• Dropdown options have been cleaned up
• Local timezones and offsets considered when using forms in order to close tickets correctly
FixTicket Pool• Corrected what is displayed under the Info/Alert/Part column
• Dropdowns on the Ticket Info tab are now working
FixTimeline• Appointment no longer saved if End user not reached/Callback required selected when using the Scheduling assistant
• Optimizer button colors corrected when auto dispatching is active
• Tickets cannot be assigned to deactivated users, new warning message
• Workload indicator is no longer visible has been fixed
FeatureTimeline• PUDO's will now be displayed on the Timeline when parts are present on a ticket
FeatureMap• The map now displays the current live location of the engineer in the selected dispatch group
ImprovementParts form• Added additional fields and improvements to the parts form
ImprovementTicket Details• Show Dispatch group in Ticket Details component • Now displays all the Dispatch groups the ticket is in
ImprovementTicket Details• You can now view the escalation reason in form of a tooltip in the Ticket Details component
ImprovementTicket Details• Clickable Hyperlinks are now supported for the Description field in the Ticket Details component
ImprovementTicket Pool• Dispatch group dropdown is now sorted from A-Z
ImprovementTicket Pool• Visual improvement for Dispatch group Linked Icon - shows black when its linked and gray when it is not
ImprovementTimeline• Tickets will automatically be locked when manually adding them to the Timeline or when moving them around in the Timeline
FixTicket Details• Search option by CNE has been fixed (Magnifier icon now works)
FixTicket Details• LSDT display corrections
FixTicket Pool• Sorting indicators now works as expected in the Ticket Pool
FixTimeline• The whole address is now displayed in the ticket tooltip
FixTimeline, Map, Ticket Pool• All linked components now work as expected when changing the date or group
FeatureTicket DetailsParts tab• You can now add parts and the shipping information for all your tickets
ImprovementSidebarCreate ticket• Project selection and form redesigned
ImprovementTicket Pool• Help text has been added to show the dispatch group is set to auto dispatch
ImprovementTimeline• Overhauled the look and feel of the tickets display and tooltip on the Timeline
FixAnalytics• UI corrections
FixAsset Management• Saving after editing asset has been fixed
FixBrowser: Firefox• Copying text areas on the Ticket Details has been made easier
FixTicket DetailsCOMS>Email• Aliases used for emails will display the real values when using the preview button
FixTicket Pool• Scheduling assistant: Performance improvements
FixTicket Pool• All user created queries are available to choose in the PREDEFINED tab query dropdown
FixTicket PoolTicket Info• Counter automatically updates without refreshing the page
FixTimeline• Optimizer button: clicking on the dropdown option now opens the menu as expected
FeatureNEW: Asset Management• You can now add all your projects assets into one list with the new Asset Management component
• You can also create a maintenance plan that will automatically create reoccurring or one-time only tickets
ImprovementAnalytics• UI improvements: Incorrect data visualization on the ticket volume and progress today reports have been improved
ImprovementTicket Pool• UI improvements
ImprovementTimeline• Optimize button will be grayed out when the Dispatch group is set to Automated dispatching
FixBrowser• Work place is now accessible with Firefox 68.2.
FixScheduling assistant• Datetime is now displayed properly with optimized results
FixTicket Details• Email templates won't cut off from now on when you try to use them in Work place
FixTicket Details• Timelogs will display in the correct order without the need to refresh
FeatureAnalytics• Productivity dashboard has been added to the Analytics component
ImprovementAnalytics• UI corrections
ImprovementMap• UI corrections
FixTicket Details• All uploaded attachments can be downloaded
FixTicket Pool• Ticket info counter corrections
FixMy Settings• List of countries is now available in greek language
ImprovementCreate ticket• New field (short description) and phone number validations have been added to the Create & Edit ticket forms
ImprovementImport tickets• Backend and frontend mapping improvements
ImprovementScheduling Assistant• Backend & UI improvements
ImprovementTimeline• Alert will be triggered for when a ticket is moved outside the agreed customer time UI corrections & improvements
ImprovementGeneral• UI improvements
FixImport tickets• You can no longer save a configuration with the same name
FixMap• Canceled tickets will no longer show on the Map
ImprovementTicket Details• Ticket details always display with the local date and time but now there are specific areas where you can hover your mouse over to view your local time: LSDT; Ticket creation/imported; History tab timestamps
FixBrowser• Safari: Performance improvements
FixGeneral• Times for the 12 hour format have been improved
- Changing to some languages caused sliders to appear
FixTicket Details• COMS: Email templates performance improvements
- Improved handling of longer names in the component
FixTicket Pool• Inactive groups are no longer listed in the dropdown
FixTimeline• Close date picker acts now pragmatically when timeline picker is opened
ImprovementGeneral• Various UI improvements
FeatureTicket import• Ticket creation by Excel-Import is now available
ImprovementTicket Details• Extend Edit form by allowing to edit all device details
FixAnalytics• Tooltip corrections
FixBrowser• Copy to clipboard now works in Firefox
FixComponents• Components now only show what the user has access to
FixGeneral• Aligned tooltips styles
• Mouse cursor corrections for non-input fields
FixMap• Corrected fonts and line breaks for longer inputs
FixScheduling assistant• Corrections to the resolution settings
FixTicket Details• Cancel ticket confirmation corrections
• Device: No longer shows an x if there is no warranty date in the system
• View adjusts accordingly when a form is open
• Mobile numbers now display under contact
• COMS: Inactive email templates are no longer displayed in the dropdown
• History: The body of the sent email can now be viewed via download
• Text for notes are now visible
• Private notes are now visible
• Corrected style of memos and links
FixTicket Pool• Column size corrections
FixTimeline• Prevent mouse cursor changes for published tickets
• Avatars of engineers are updated immediately when picture is uploaded
• Ticket Popovers now expand based on text size
FeatureAnalytics• Analytics were improved and redesigned
FixComponents• Fix width of main components
FixGeneral• Buttons expand for translations
FixMy settings• Avatar is no longer overwritten when updating My settings
• Form behavior changes
FixTicket Details• Font corrections
• Alias usage corrections
FixTicket Pool• Layout corrections
• Filtering by status has been corrected
FixTranslations• Various translations added and updated
FixBrowser• Mozilla Firefox: incorrect displaying of element
FixGeneral• Removed useless scrollbars
FixTicket Details• Fixed button positions on forms
• Forms can now be closed with the "Cancel" button
FixTimeline• Corrected status change issues when dragging and dropping tickets
• Fixed styles for date picker
• Avatar image overlap issues corrected
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