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Release notes for Fieldcode work place

FeatureTicket Pool• Users can now decide which date(s) to optimize, feedback also displaying during and after running the optimizer
FeatureTicket Details/Ticket Pool• Highlight selected tickets in Ticket Pool
When you have a single or multiple tickets tabbed the selected tabbed ticket will highlight the corresponding ticket in the Ticket Pool / Ticket Details
FeatureTimeline• Ticket publishing and Optimization functionality redesigned
We have redesigned the Publish and Optimization buttons on the Timeline.
We have added an undo option for both buttons.
UNDO PUBLISHING: Choose the tickets you want to unpublish from the engineers Fieldcode mobile app
UNDO OPTIMIZATION: Undo all the optimized tickets from the last time optimization ran
FixBrowser• Safari: display issues for work place and admin panel
FixCreate ticket• Click outside popup no longer closes window
FixHeader• Removed the X button from My settings
FixLogin• Simplified login process
FixMap• Displayed Dispatch group will be persistent in Map after refresh
• Map error message improved
• Map stays disabled even after reloading in specific views
• Skills are now displayed under the user details
FixSidebar• Changed behavior
• My queries: adjusted to Style Guide
FixTicket Details• Parts: display redesigned
• Parts: corrected sort order behavior
• Appointment cancel comment now displayed in INTERVENTION tab
• Cancel pop-up redesigned
• Email: changed the FROM input
• Email: aliases have been corrected
• Uploaded attachments now display without refresh
• Attachments now display the file extension
• Escalation reason form hint readjustment
FixTicket Pool• Predefined tab now displays the user defined "Default Query"
• Search label corrected
• Prevent drag and drop in ticket pool - general/predefined/expert views
• Change cursor while hovering over expand/shrink section icon
• Dispatch group display link corrected
• Scheduling assistant: Block label color change behavior
• Make columns icon sticky (stop it from moving during scrolling)
• Escalation comments now display when mouse hovers over the icon
• Escalation and VIP icons colors corrected
• Active/inactive icon colors are reversed
• Skills are now displayed under the user details
FixTimeline• Scrollbar (vertical) visible all time if existing
• Respond to screen size (use all space)
• Cleaned up statuses for tickets after unpublish
• Extending / resizing ticket duration/length now possible
• Publish / Unpublish loading indicators corrected
• Absences are clearly displayed when dragging tickets onto the Timeline
• 12 hour time format column behavior corrections
• Avatars now display correctly
• Drag and drop ticket on other ticket shows correct error message
FixTranslations• Add translations for new user setting's options
FeatureTicket Pool• Display when a ticket is grabbed in Ticket Pool properly
We have added a new time saving feature for the GRAB IT button in Ticket Details.
When you press the GRAB IT button an icon will show on the ticket in the Ticket Pool which indicates that a user is currently busy with that ticket.
blue hand indicates that you have grabbed the ticket
black hand indicates that someone else has grabbed the ticket
FeatureFWP / FAP• Enable culture based units and display in work place / admin panel
You can customize your settings with your personal preferences for date & time formats and unit distance.
You can find all the localization options under My settings in the top right corner of both the work place & admin panel.
FeatureGeneral• Users can now add device details when opening a ticket
FixBackend• Prevent unnecessary API calls from ticket table and Ticket Details
FixBrowser• Fieldcode favicon not visible in dark mode
• Tenant page is white screen in IE 11
FixGeneral• Resolution too small - screen breaks when opening work place / admin panel in e.g. mobile phone browser
FixHistory• Timeline calendar disappears when Ticket Details to high / Timeline smaller
FixLogin• Login screens keycloak not responsive - breaking views
FixMap• Search bar includes X all the time
• Map overlaps longer dropdown
FixMy settings• My settings pop-up is now centered
FixOptimizer• Remove y-scrollbar in optimizer modal
FixScheduling assistant• Fix custom date changes
FixTicket Details• Display of condition/indication
• Show search icons according to style guide in front of line
• Display breaks with resizing
• Sub navigation menu is showing without functionality
• Ticket Details tabbed view - round edges
• Choice of display is lost when leaving the history tab
• Attachment name too long - view broken
• Buttons vanish if you reopen the ticket
• Ticket creation/Ticket details: line breaks in ticket creation not visible in ticket details
FixTicket Pool• Resizing corrections
• Permissions for General and Expert view are mixed up
• Ticket Pool - PUBLISH - grid view has wrong data mapping for customer
• Save column ordering and display settings even after refresh
FixTimeline• Timeline component is missing spacing between edge and component
• PUBLISH/UNPUBLISH popup does never close
• Make the "Timeline start time" input wider
• Workload indicator not displayed and updated
FixUser• Avatar upload does nothing
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