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Parts is a separate module in FMA 1 dedicated only to spare parts management.
The part module enables better part traceability by providing more clarity and structure during the part return process. 
Parts of tickets are displayed in the Parts tab.

The most common use case when it comes to Parts:
You need to use spare parts for the repairs/fixes on site.

Parts can be accessed via Home → Parts or alternatively by clicking on the Parts tab inside a particular ticket.
The main Parts tab is clustered into three different tabs: SHIPPEDRECEIVED, and RETURNED.

Part statusExplanation
CanceledThe spare part has been canceled for this appointment.
In ShipmentThe spare part is currently in the shipping process.
Not ReceivedThe spare part has not been received by the addressee.
OrderedThe spare part has been ordered.
Out of stockThe spare part is currently not available.
ReceivedThe spare part has been received by the addressee.
RecommendedThe spare part is recommended for this appointment. Not using this part may lead to an unsuccessful intervention.
Wait for ReplenishmentSome tickets are resolved using trunk stock prior the receipt of booked spare parts.

You are able to search for parts inside the app by entering a part name or serial number:

You are also able to scan parts in order to add them inside the App:

Spare parts help you to fix the actual problem on-site. 

  1. Parts are usually picked up by the engineer in some way (Shipping tab),
  2. afterwards the engineer confirms the receipt of parts in some way (Received tab),
  3. and finally the engineer returns parts back in some way at the end of the ticket resolving process (Returned tab).

The parts not only move in real-life in this process, they also move virtually with you between those three tabs in the ticket resolving process.

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