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  1. Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel click on the plus button to open the Automated Action form.
  2. Select Create a Custom Automated Action from the Available options dropdown.
  3. Fill in the Basic, Filters and Action tabs.
  1. Decide if your new custom AA should be set to active in the system.
  2. Insert a name for your new or existing custom Automated Action.
  3. Select a project from the drop-down, where the custom Automated Action should apply.
  4. (Optional) Insert a description for your new or existing custom Automated Action (eg. what exactly it does).
  5. Select a monitorable field from the drop-down that triggers the Automated Action, if the value inside this field changes.
  6. Click Save.

In order for custom Automated Action to work, you need to add one or more filters to determine the tickets, where an Automated Action needs to be initiated.

Filters: Allows fine-tuning criteria for AA using comparison and logical operators.
Condition: Defines a condition for your filter criteria.
Operator: Compares the condition with the comparison (IS EQUAL TO, IS NOT EQUAL TO, IS LIKE, IS NOT LIKE, IN).
Comparison Value: Defines with which value the condition is compared.
Connector: Allows you to combine a monitored field with another monitored field (AND, OR)

  1. Select an action from the drop-down.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Edit your desired action or actions.
  4. Click on Save.

This action will send out emails to customers.

Email actionField description
ActionDisplays the selected action type
FromInsert from which email address the email should be sent
ToInsert to which email address or addresses the email should be sent
CCCustomize to whom you want to CC ("Carbon Copy") the email
BCCCustomize to whom you want to BCC ("Blind Carbon Copy" the email
SubjectInsert the email subject
BodyInsert the email content

This action will send API calls/data to other systems.

Call API actionField description
ActionDisplays the selected action type
Header fieldKey
Header valueValue
Include OAuth token?Yes or No
Request bodyRequest body

This action will create Ticket info in the Fieldcode work place, which can be customized with Acknowledge and Resolved fields.

Create ticket info actionField description
ActionLets you select the desired action
TypeLets you select the desired type of action
Text for ticket infoLets you insert the desired ticket info text
Acknowledged tickDecide if the ticket info should contain a acknowledged tick
Resolved tickDecide if the ticket info should contain a resolved tick

This Action will send out an SMS to customers.

  1. Insert the phone number(s) or alias of the recipients.
  2. Double-check the inserted recipients in the chip list. You can delete recipients directly by clicking on the x on a chip.
  3. Insert the message for the recipients.
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