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Release Notes for the Fieldcode Admin Panel

FeatureAccess: Permissions15 December 2022
• You can now limit individual user permissions to specific tabs on the Users page
FeatureGeneral8 December 2022
• Quick Start Walkthrough has been created to guide users through the essentials for setting up a basic configuration
• Individual walkthroughs are now also available in the Fieldcode support panel for Projects, Users, and Groups
ImprovementInterfaces: Interface Monitoring19 December 2022
• All queues will now load on the same page allowing you to scroll through the queue list
ImprovementSystem Connection19 December 2022
• List operation is now supported for configuration
• Custom fields are now available for mapping
PerformanceDispatch: Groups15 December 2022
• Improved loading performance for big dispatch groups
FixProcess: Projects & Forms15 December 2022
• The Basic I and Basic II workflows will now display properly when selecting them from drop downs and in the overviews for projects and forms
FixProcess: Custom fields15 December 2022
• Issues with live preview have been fixed
FeatureSupport panel & Admin panel24 November 2022
• Clickable info icon is now available on each admin panel page that redirects users to the pages support articles in the support panel and into the manual
ImprovementGeneral24 November 2022
• We have reorganized the sidebar menu by renaming “Settings” menu to “Interfaces” and moved the Account page under the Access menu
ImprovementSystem Connection24 November 2022
• UI corrections & improvements
• Generic type operations are now supported
• Clearer and real-time indications when errors are being made
ImprovementProcess: Custom fields24 November 2022
• We have improved creating custom fields so that one can now use the same custom field name once for each different object type available
• You can now edit the settings, values, and info messages for existing custom fields
ImprovementAccess: Users24 November 2022
• We have now added the option to create temporary locations for your engineers
• Active temporary locations would be used instead of the main location when scheduling or optimizing
FixProcess: Forms24 November 2022
• Fixed sorting issues in the overview
FeatureAccess: Permissions27 October 2022
• We have added new permissions that allow you to display all the dispatch groups on the Analytics component regardless of the user's individual permissions on Dispatch group visibility
FeatureSystem connection: Interface monitoring18 October 2022
• We have created an Interface Monitoring tool to monitor and troubleshoot the system connections
FeatureAnalytics18 October 2022
• We have adjusted and updated the permissions in order to limit what is visible on the Analytics view (New)
FeaturePermissions18 October 2022
• We have included new permissions for the interface monitoring page
ImprovementProcess: Value Sets27 October 2022
• Constants can now be saved with number values in the name
FixFilters18 October 2022
• Country dropdown lists are now all displayed alphabetically
FixProcess: Forms18 October 2022
• We have corrected issues with translations not working after a form was cloned
FeatureProcess: Value Sets28 September 2022
• You are now able to create and maintain custom Value sets in the Admin panel to use throughout the application
FeatureAutomated Actions28 September 2022
• We have created a new Automated Action that allows you to send the end user a link to the Customer Portal page where they will be able to view the ticket details and book or edit an appointment
FeatureProcess: Forms28 September 2022
• It is now possible to make a test ticket
• We have add a new default field you can add to your forms to mark them as test tickets
FeatureProcess: Forms15 September 2022
• You can now create custom forms that will satisfy all your specific business needs and requirements
• We have included new field for adding an ESDT (Earliest service delivery time) to a ticket. When populated it will be visible on the Ticket Details component
FeatureProcess: Custom fields15 September 2022
• We have extended Custom Fields to be used for creating custom Forms
FeatureProcess: Ticket duration15 September 2022
• We have added two more conditions when creating filters, DeviceCategory & TicketSubcategory
FeatureAccess: Permissions15 September 2022
• We have added a confirmation message when trying to deactivate a role that has active users assigned
FixProcess: Custom fields28 September 2022
• Corrected an issue where a user was not able to delete a translation when creating them for a custom field
FixProcess: Automated Actions15 September 2022
• Using a boolean value (true or false) in conjunction with any other field value has been corrected and will work as expected
ImprovementAccess: Users• You can now delete On-Call duties from the Absences & Availability tab on the User form
• You are now able to select a full 24 hours (08:00 - 08:00) when setting the working hours for a user
ImprovementDispatch: Groups• Engineers that are close to the border of a Dispatch group will be displayed in yellow as on the Map
PerformanceAccess: Users• Improved performance when saving and editing users
FixAccess: Users• Inactive roles will be clearly marked when assigning Roles from the User form
FeatureOptimizer menu is now named Service Delivery28 July 2022
Introducing the Service delivery menu!
• The “Optimizer” menu changed it's name to “Service Delivery” menu
• The new menu includes a new tab for FMA Delivery that allows you to activate multiple simultaneous tickets which allows the FMA user to start more than one ticket at a time without having to report on previously opened tickets
FeatureDispatch: Groups28 July 2022
• We have included a new “in” operator for the Groups filter, now you are able to use multiple comparison values for one condition
FeatureProjects 8 July 2022
• Users can now setup the “End user not reached” settings for individual projects
ImprovementSettings: System Connection28 July 2022
• Further improvements to the System Connection UI, editing and displaying Chips, dynamically searchable operations when mapping
• Added confirmation popups for admins to confirm changes in certain cases to address datatype validity
ImprovementAccess: Permissions28 July 2022
• Partner engineers are now clearly marked in italics with their name and partner company in brackets when attempting to assign them to Roles
• The total number of available and selected users has been added to the Users tab
ImprovementAccess: Groups28 July 2022
• Partner engineers are now clearly marked in italics with their name and partner company in brackets when attempting to assign them to Dispatch Groups
ImprovementAccess: Users28 July 2022
• We now provide a query that you can use to check for any tickets that still require some attention before you are able deactivate the user
FeatureProcess: Automated Actions• @partner alias has been added as an option
FeatureAccess: Users• Adding a location for a user has been simplified and it is now much easier to input an address
• We have expanded the Users form with a new “Delivery” tab that allows you to directly assign a user to any of your dispatch groups as a dispatcher or as an engineer within one view
FeatureAccess: Permissions• We have added a switch on the filter tab that, when active, limits the user to see their assigned tickets only
ImprovementGeneral• When a new Fieldcode account is created the account holder will also be set as the Dispatcher automatically
ImprovementProcess: Custom fields• Audit related columns (Last edited/Created, etc.) have been added to the Custom Fields table view
ImprovementSettings: System connection• General improvements to the System Connection UI
ImprovementProcess: Automated Actions• Typing "@" will now display the list of aliases for action Create ticket Info
ImprovementProcess: AA / Email templates• New alias "@Timezone" added to list
FixProcess: Automated Actions• Using AND or OR will no longer crash the application when using the filters
FeatureAccess: PartnersIntroducing Partner Accounts!
• You are now able to create partner companies, partner users and partner engineers inside Fieldcode admin panel in order to utilize them in Fieldcode work place.
FeatureDispatch: Dispatch groups• You are now able to assign specific users as dispatchers for specific dispatch groups, which allows them to only see the dispatch groups that they are assigned to
FeatureAccess: Permissions• You are now able to filter out individual buttons for all your custom roles
FeatureWelcome here!Introducing our new manual!
• Fresh and modern design
• Improved topic search capabilities
• Improved and easier navigation
• New topic structure
• You can rate topics (Rating System - Direct Feedback)
• Improved table of contents gives you the option to quickly jump inside a topic
• Quick copy links to easily share help with others
• Responsive UI (Support for smart devices)
• Last updated dates ensure improved maintenance
• Topic print option
• Overhauled topics with more focus
ImprovementSettings: System connection• Improved user interface and user experience
• Endpoint paths were improved
• UI improvement to mapping dropdowns expression editor
FixDispatch: Dispatch groups• We fixed an issue with dispatch group filters for "is equal to"
• You can now create and save a group without assigned engineers
FixDispatch: Skills• No more crash on new created skills when you go to Assign to tickets tab
FixProcess: Forms• Unnecessary and failing requests when clearing the form type dropdown were stopped
ImprovementDispatch: Dispatch groups• We have introduced new validation safeguards in order to prevent removing engineers from dispatch groups where they have active tickets
ImprovementProcess: Custom fields• Updated UI element , replaced the "x" with a trash bin to indicate deletion
PerformanceDispatch: Dispatch groups• Performance improvements to improve opening dispatch groups faster
FixAccess: Users• Updated error message for when email addresses are already in use
FeatureProcessWorkflows• Workflow page goes live which displays the workflows and their steps
FeatureSettingsSystem Connection• Introducing our new System Connection which allows you to connect Fieldcode with other external applications
ImprovementAccessPermissions• Dispatch group is available for filtering
ImprovementDispatchPUDO• Added the missing create and edit columns
FixDispatchGroups• We fixed an issue where sometimes engineers would be displayed in the wrong dispatch group
FixProcessCustom fields• A proper error message will display if too many characters are used
PerformanceAccessUsers• On-call duty performance improvements
PerformanceDispatchGroups• Dispatch group performance improvements
FixAccessUsers• On-call duty timezone backend saving issues corrected
• Fixed issues with creating on-call duties with different timezones
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