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Release Notes for Fieldcode Admin Panel

FeatureProcess: Project• You can select if a project is allowed to breach LSDT without an LSDT update or not
ImprovementAccess: Users →Absences• Absences/on-call duty have its own tab on the Users page now making it easier to read and maintain
FixAccess: Permissions• New permissions for the scheduling ticket button on the Ticket Details component
• New permissions for setting the add parts button
•We reordered the Admin panel security resources
FixAccess: Users• Users created via LDAP will not be editable in the Fieldcode admin panel
• No longer able to deselect engineer checkbox if the user has any tickets assigned to them
• Engineers are now able to be deactivated even if they were assigned to canceled tickets
• Loading animation added to the roles screen when loading roles
FixAccess: Users → Working hours• Absence type will now display in table view
• Creating absences will now consider the timezone of the user and not use UTC time
• Absence times display correctly now
• No longer able to delete or edit imported absences
FixAccess: Users →Absences• No longer able to create all day on-call duties for the same day as another on-call duty
• Created on-call duties will be sorted by date
- No longer able to create on-call duties during any working hours
- Editing existing on-call duties is now possible
FixAvatar• Limited the avatar file size to 20 kilobytes
FixCustom fields• You are no longer able to create empty lists
• You are no longer able to create duplicate values
• Corrected the visuals for editable and non-editable fields
FixDispatch: Groups• A total engineer counter has been added to the group tab when selecting your engineers to add to the group
FixDispatch: Skills• You can now choose if you want to have your new skill applied to tickets or not
FixProcess• Workflows are visible in the Fieldcode admin panel
FeatureAccess: Users• Users can now add on-call duty to engineers
FeatureAccess: Permissions• New permissions for Custom fields
FeatureAccess: Permissions• New permissions for Parts
ImprovementProcess: Custom fields• Users can no longer create mandatory custom fields
FixAccess: Users• Working hours: User is now allowed to set work times spread over 2 days
ImprovementAccess: Users• We have improved the holiday importer to now include local state holidays for the USA in addition to the national ones
• Now you only need to click On Users to add them to a permission or to a Dispatch group
• Improved the look and feel of the Dispatch groups page
FeatureProcess: Custom fields• You can now create your own custom fields to use in various places throughout the application
ImprovementAccess: Permissions• Sorting users has been improved
ImprovementAccess: Users• New error message when trying to create a user with an existing email
• Map improvements to location finding
• Deactivating user criteria has been implemented preventing users from deactivation if they have open tickets or are the only admin, etc.
ImprovementAccount• UI corrections
ImprovementDispatch: Groups• Resource sort order has been adjusted
ImprovementDispatch: Ticket scoring• Filter options for the operator uses plain words instead of logical operators
FixDispatch: PUDO• PUDO opening hours saving time with wrong timezone has been corrected
FixProcess: Custom fields• Issues with custom field translations have been corrected
FeatureProcess: Projects• Show / Hide device tab based on industry
You can now hide the device tab from Work place as well as the device groups from the form creator and the CREATE, EDIT, REPORT global forms
ImprovementGeneral• Redesign of emails (account creation invitation, password change, etc.)
We have overhauled the look and feel of the emails that are sent out to our users
FixGeneral• Translations
When translations are not loaded default messages stored on frontend were visible for a few seconds. This is not the case anymore!
FeatureAccess: Permissions• Security Resource
Choose which Analytics views should be visible for the role
FeatureAccess: User• Contact
Enabled resending invitation email for new users
FixGeneral• Indicate mandatory fields for filter creation
FixProcessConditions / Indications• Improved error message for unsaved condition and indications
FeatureDispatch• It is now possible to automatize ticket dispatching and publishing
ImprovementAccess• UI improvements
• User:
An active user must have one role assigned
ImprovementDispatchGroups / PUDO• Group
UI improvements
Added more columns to the table view
ImprovementProcessAutomated Actions• Backend improvements
ImprovementSettings: Account• UI redesign and corrections
FixDispatch: PUDO• Backend corrections
FixAccess: User• Absences can no longer be saved with invalid date and time
ImprovementAutomated Actions• Execute Automated Actions on newly created objects and show descriptions
ImprovementGroups• Simplified area definition for dispatch groups
• Area Definition: Deleting/adding a pin to dispatch group area
• Area Definition: search adjustment and approach for multiple areas
ImprovementProjects• Anonymizer: replace old Alias with new ones for anonymized fields
ImprovementSettings• Account: Payment plans: UI Improvements
ImprovementUsers• Added a informational pop up that informs users about adding newly created engineer to a dispatch group
• Added some informational text to the skill tab that informs users about skills
• Adding working hours for new users
FixAutomated Actions• Improved error handling of aliases in the text fields
FixGroups• Resources: Dragging and dropping works both ways when adding or removing users from a group
• Area Definition: improved undo action handling
FixMy settings• Avatar is no longer deleted after some data changes
FixProjects• Anonymizer: added checks for character limitations
FixTicket duration• UI improvement for time input
FixUsers• Improved handling of longer names in the component
FeatureSMTP• SMTP/Custom mail box definition per customer is now possible
FixTicket scoring• Sorting by the score values
FeatureAutomated Actions• Four new templates for scheduled/canceled appointments
FeatureForms• Users can now request a customized form by email
FixBrowser• Firefox: Copy to clipboard works now
• Sierra: Safari 10 - Fix styling of search input
FixDispatch groups• Corrected duplicated resource issue
FixGeneral• Timezone and timestamp backend improvements
• Backend improvements for translations
ImprovementPUDO• New map icon for PUDO locations
FixAutomated Actions• Alias corrections
FixDispatch groups• Inactive and active groups display properly
FixGeneral• Font corrections
• Backend changes to availabilities
FixMy settings• Dropdown on my settings adjust size for translations
FixPermissions• Security Resource: selected role is now visible
FixProjects• Data validation corrections
FixSidebar• Unnecessary scrollbars were removed
FixUsers• Avatars no longer get replaced if canceled
FeatureUsers• Quickly import bank/public holidays for individual users
• You can quickly import local bank and public holidays for individual Users with the push of a button
• You can find this new feature in Users menu under the Working hours & availability tab
FixAccount• Remove console.log from view
FixBrowser• Safari: sidebar is now visible
• Safari: Users: missing views have been fixed
• Safari: Automated Actions: fix button styles in form
• Safari: corrected browser display issues
FixConditions•Deleting ticket status is now possible
FixGeneral• Filter option 'is not like' no longer causes issues
• Corrected scrollbars in table views
• Corrected missing labels
• Changing language settings no longer causes the page to blink endlessly
• Sidebar menu options no longer show a white screen when selected
• Invalid data causing white screens has been fixed
• Search inputs are now working correctly
• Deleted unnecessary console warnings and errors
FixTicket scoring• Fixed saving issues
FixUsers• We aligned our labels according to our internal Fieldcode Styleguide
• Working hours & availability: availability deleting issues have been corrected
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