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Release Notes for Fieldcode Admin Panel

FeatureUsers• Location: map updates after user changes address
FixAutomated Actions• Aliases names cleaned up
• Actions: changed the FROM input
• Added additional checks for action objects when mapping through data
FixBrowsers• Fieldcode favicon is now visible in dark mode
FixDispatch groups• Area definition: adjusted map functionality
• Resources: no longer duplicates assigned users
• Resources: setting group to inactive now displays correctly
• Resources: Dragging and dropping of users now works with search active
• Resources: searches can now be cleared with "x"
FixGeneral• My settings: removed the X button
• Adjusted search bar width
• Adjusted column sorting for datetime fields
FixHeader• Properly fits for all resolutions
FixPUDO• PUDO's (PickUp and DropOff) locations can now be added
FixTicket scoring• Overlay score points correct style
FixUsers• Location: country drop down corrected
• Working hours & availability: loading issues corrected
• Working hours & availability: Absences can now be deactivated
• Absence: substitute search results adjusted
• Location: drop down behavior corrected
FeatureFWPFAP• Enable culture based units and display in work place / admin panel
• You can customize your settings with your personal preferences for date & time formats and unit distance
• You can find all the localization options under My settings in the top right corner of both the work place & admin panel
FixAccount• Fix style
FixAutomated Actions• Automated Action name is missing as table column
• Validation forces me to enter CC and BCC
• Wrong validation after moving Action to main overlay
- Condition and comparison value resolved wrongly
FixBackend• Resource availabilities are not updated on time when we remove a working day for the PUT request
FixBrowser• Edge does not load account.fieldcode.com/admin page but returns a blank page
FixConditions• Validation error in condition form
FixDispatch groups• Filter gets deleted if special characters are input but still success message
• Make undo available only after initial change
FixEmail templates• Aliases not available in Subject and Body of Email templates
• Name change in overlay does not change in list after save
FixGeneral• Missing translations for error messages in all overlays
• Overlay/Child Overlay behavior is not compliant with Style Guide
• Banner messages stack and do not automatically disappear
• Find the main cause for address is missing
FixHome• Corrected header
FixIndications• No header for page: INDICATION
FixSkills• Wrong/missing translations for skills
• Skills - Category creation
FixTicket duration• List shows description field but overlay does not
FixUsers• Name change is not applied to table view
• Table menu
• Minimum length of first/last name: allow 1 character as well
• Skills: Skill added to one user is assigned to all
• Working hours: Can not leave any day blank
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