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How the Ticket Pool columns are defined

Column itemDescription
STATUSdisplays the status in which a ticket currently is (e.g. 'VALIDATION')
TICKET IDa unique value that represents a single ticket in GEPARD (e.g. 827016)
PROJECTdisplays the Project Name (e.g. HP_TPMDE)
COMPANYdisplays the Company Name of the end user (e.g. BMW AG)
ASSIGNEEdisplays the User Name of a person, that has grabbed the ticket
CNICustomer Number Internal. Hemmersbach internal ticket number, which is now used synonymously with the Ticket ID (e.g. 466758)
SLA Service Level Agreement (e.g. NBD – Next business day), period of time which the ticket needs to be handled
CNE Call Number External. It is a number sent by the customer’s system for a particular task, that refers to a single ticket in GEPARD (e.g. WO-004203327)
CNE PARENT Parent Ticket Number. A number that is superordinate to CNE in the customer’s system and may be the same for a few tickets of the same project (not in use in all projects) in GEPARD (e.g. 5017601763)
COUNTRY End User's country
LSDT Latest Service Delivery Time (e.g. 27.07.2018), Ticket's deadline
DEVICE Model's name
CATEGORY Ticket's Category, (e.g. Desktop)
SUBCATEGORY Ticket’s Subcategory, (e.g. Preventive maintenance)
CITY End User's city
ENDUSER displays the name of a Contact person, requesting the Intervention
CONDITIONS refers to a condition specified for the ticket (description available in Ticket’s Condition Details tab) and determined according to Project’s requirements
INDICATIONSrefers to Condition specified for the ticket (description available in ticket's indication details tab) and determined according to Project's requirements
FIXED TO DATEdisplays the appointment end date
ERROR CODEError code of a particular ticket is displayed (in case there is an error existing)
IS INTERVENTION SUCCESSFUL?displays if the On-site-intervention was successful or not
LAST UPDATEdisplays when the ticket was last updated
POSTAL CODEdisplays the zip code of the ticket
MAIL BILLING EXCEPTIONdisplays if the ticket has a Mail billing exception or not
SUBCATEGORYdisplays the tickets subcategory
FIXED TO APPOINTMENTdisplays the fixed to appointment date of the ticket
CREATION DATEdisplays the date when the ticket was created
CLIENT IDdisplays the Client ID of the ticket
LAST STATE CHANGElast action performed on the ticket in the system
FIXED FROM DATEdisplays the appointment start date
REPORT ENGINEER IDdisplays the ID of the engineer who intervened and filled out the Report form
TAGSSpecial labels put on tickets that allow you to differentiate tickets and process them accordingly