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How to work with the map

After clicking on the city of a particular ticket, selected ticket from the ticket pool is highlighted in blue (in ticket pool and map):

You can hide and unhide the map with the buttons ‘HIDE MAP’ and ‘SHOW MAP’ in the right-hand corner alongside the ticket filter.

The map’s full screen mode can be accessed by clicking the frame button in the top right-hand corner of the map.

Thanks to the project selection option on the map, you can see tickets from the selected projects highlighted among all other tickets. In the example below, locked tickets of HPI_TPM_FR project will be the ones in brighter colors and other project tickets will be more transparent.

The filters are saved automatically on every filter change and stay the same, even if a dispatch group is changed to another. Filters section can be hidden, if needed (hide settings). You can activate all filters at the same time or just chose, what should be visible.

If we click on a ticket on the map, we can see the ticket reference and customer details. Depending on the ticket’s status, we might also see the assigned engineer. After clicking on ‘DETAILS’ button, a window with ticket details will open:

For unassigned tickets located in the ticket pool, you can also check nearby routes:

Nearby routes will also be visible if the ZIP code is clicked in the ticket pool.

Nearby routes need a few second to load – when loading, there is a load bar visible on the top of the map:

For tickets, that are already planned or locked, you can also see the engineer assigned and check the route:

After clicking on the engineer’s car (if available), the timestamp of the last transferred geo-coordinates is shown.

Geo coordinates are taken from FSA (or from cars’ GPS system, if FSA is not available):


After clicking on the home button, we should be able to see the FMA status and the GPS status. The information is also available in the engineer details.

If the status is Off / Offline, the engineers car will not be visible on the map.

If the engineer’s route is selected, clicking on each line of the route shows average time and distance between the engineer’s house and each ticket:

The route details can be opened by clicking on the blue route’s line. Accordingly, the route details can be closed, after clicking on the orange route line or orange pop-up.

If two or more tickets are located under the same address, the ticket’s pin shows the number of the tickets.

When the pin is clicked, the pop-up with the tickets appear. The Dispatcher can click on ticket’s project.CNI to open the ticket’s pop-up on the map with basic details visible:

The map shows only PUDOs for a chosen dispatch Group and for tickets in the Ticket Pool and the Calendar for the chosen day.