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How to work with engineers inside the calendar

A click on the engineers’ name shows the engineer details and an overview of actions that can be performed:

The VAN STOCK displays confirmed and unconfirmed parts assigned for the engineer. This button is greyed out, if a Van Stock is not assigned to the engineer:

The FSA STATUS AND GPS STATUS displays engineers’ cars location correctly. If the status is off / offline, then the car will not be visible on the map.

The PLANNED ABSENCE buttons – In case the engineer informs you about a planned absence, you can add this information here. This will be saved in the employee’s database, as an official request for Planned Absence, and forwarded to the line manager of the engineer.

It is possible to add a single or a recurring absence. Recurring Planned Absence can be added for maximum six months.

After filling in the information and clicking ‘ADD’ button, a tile marking a planned absence will show up on the calendar line for a specified day:

To see the list of planned absences of the engineer, click on ‘SHOW LIST’ button. The additional window with absence’s details opens:

In case the engineer is on a planned leave or is sick, this information will also be visible on the calendar line (data is imported from HEM Human resources system).

It is also possible to view, edit and delete past absences. Just click the pencil und the edit column and select the absences you want to edit from the checkbox column.

The ASSIGN TO PROJECT buttons – you can assign the engineer to a particular project by selecting a time frame, project, cost center and type. It is possible to assign an Engineer to a project on an hourly basis. Engineer can be assigned to one or more projects in one day. The assignment must be for one hour minimum.

After saving the information, a tile informing about the engineers’ assignment to a different project will show up on the calendar for specified day:

Assigning recurring projects

You can assign an engineer to a project for a recurring period of time. To assign an engineer for a project, which happens every few weeks, on specific dates, the ‘Recurring’ option is the right choice.

To see the list of projects to which the engineer has been assigned to, click on ‘SHOW LIST’ button. The additional window with the projects’ list will open. Sorting option is available for some of the columns.

The LEND OUT TO buttons– in case the engineer is handling tickets for a different dispatch group, he / she can be lent out using the ‘LEND OUT’ option, but it is possible to lend out the engineer only on the client, where the engineer has been set up / configured before:

The GROUP chips – the engineers inside of one dispatch group can be assigned to different groups. In order to move engineer to a different (existing) group, remove the current group, remove the current group by clicking ‘X’ and then select another group from the drop-down list:

If you want to create a new group and move there, type in manually the new group’s name and press ‘Enter’. The engineer will then be assigned to this group and the newly created group will be available for other engineers too.

Once there is no group member in the group field, the group label will vanish from the engineer column and all engineers go back to the default group ‘ungrouped’.

The groups can be hidden in the calendar view. The number indicates how many engineers are assigned for a chosen day in the group:

The SKILL profile – sometimes resolving a ticket requires special skills. Engineer’s skills can be found in the overview of his profile:

The TIME – Number of hours showing the dispatched route duration:

The COMPASS – After clicking the compass button, the dispatched route for the selected engineer will be displayed on the map – we can see the engineer’s home location and the tickets as according to order on the timeline (A->B->C…).

For the same engineer, if we show Settings and choose car, his current position will be visible:

The DISPATCH button – after clicking on the clock button, the new pop-up window will appear with all tickets assigned to particular engineer. You may dispatch all tickets planned for the selected engineer, by clicking ‘DISPATCH’ button:

The UNLOCK button – You can unlock the Tickets (make them available for dispatching again) using the little ‘X’ button. When you click, a box with the ‘UNLOCK’ option is displayed: