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How to dispatch tickets

You can open a ticket directly from the ticket pool and set up the appointment by selecting a date, time slot and an engineer from the drop-down list. The ticket’s LSDT will be marked green in the calendar:

Once the appointment is set, the ticket will disappear from the ticket pool and will show up as a tile on the calendar:

Alternatively, you can drag the ticket from the ticket pool and drop it onto the timeline of a particular engineer in the calendar area.

In order to set up the appointment, open the ticket by clicking on the ticket tile in the calendar area and select the exact date and time (the engineer will already be assigned).

In order to dispatch the ticket and send it to the engineers FSA, you need to open the ticket and use the option ‘Start FSA Process’:

Once opening the ticket details, you will see that the ticket is under FSA control:

If you want to dispatch all the tickets already planned for an engineer in bulk, you can click the clock button near the engineer’s name and then use the ‘DISPATCH’ button. The tickets from the list will be automatically ‘locked’ and will go to the engineers FSA:

In order to dispatch all the tickets planned for the engineers within one dispatch group in bulk, you can use ‘LOCK PLANNED TICKETS’ button available in the upper-part of the calendar area:

Additional window with the tickets’ list will pop-up:

If LSDT has already passed, you will get an error message, when trying to set up an appointment. In such a case, LSDT needs to be changed first, because the appointment cannot be made after LSDT. The LSDT error message will also appear if the appointment is planned to finish AFTER the LSDT time.

Additionally, for all projects which are not HP projects: when changing LSDT without chosen reason, following error-message appears:

‘Dummy Appointment’ box can be checked, in case the customer could not be reached (the appointment is not confirmed).