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How to work with the calendar

In the calendar you can see the engineer list and you can plan and dispatch tickets:

If you hover over a ticket tile on the calendar, the ticket tool-tip with general information about the selected ticket will show up:

If you hover over a engineer’s name, the ticket tool-tip with key-information about the engineer will be displayed:

If you click on a ticket tile, a window with ticket details will appear:

Picking dispatch groups

From the upper-left hand corner of the calendar area you can see the dispatch groups, for which you have authorization:

Changing displayed dates and displayed timeframes

You will see tomorrow’s date by default after logging in. You can modify the date by clicking the calendar button and selecting the day. It is possible to see 30 days in the future and 30 days of the past:

It is also possible to select one of the four time frames within, which the tickets need to be dispatched to the engineers:

The calendar time line will adjust according to your settings:

Calendar action buttons

  • Tommorow: Lets you quickly switch the date to tommorow.
  • Lock planned tickets: Lets you quickly lock all tickets that were planned for all engineers in bulk.
  • Unlock tickets: Lets you quickly unlock all tickets that were were planned for all engineers in bulk.
    Please consider when unlocking all tickets, which were already pushed to FSA, the FSA process needs to be stopped first.
  • Search by: You can search for particular tickets by: CNI, CNE, TicketID or Customer / Company. The results will contain searched values from all dispatch groups to which a dispatcher has the access.

If the Go to action is clicked, MyDispatch will move to the the corresponding group, where the ticket is located and will open the ticket details page. Some tickets that are not yet in MyDispatch or are older than 10 days will generate an info message and give you the option to open Gepard.