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How to interact with Gepard settings

If you click on the hamburger menu icon on the right-hand side of the Header, you can navigate to the options available under your Login Name: settings, my tickets, subscriptions and my search queries. Additionally you will see the option for projects (it will be available for you depending on your access level) and the option for log out:

My settings

Clicking on My Settings will lead you to the page where you will find your personal details and will have possibility to add a photo, select a language, country and time zone:

My tickets

In order to see the list of tickets grabbed by you, expand the options under your Login name and select my tickets:

The list of tickets assigned to you will be shown on the left-hand side:

My subscriptions

In order to navigate to your subscriptions, expand the options under your login name and select MY SUBSCRIPTIONS:

On the subscriptions page you will be able to see the list of all your current subscriptions. If you select show all, you will see both active and inactive subscriptions:

If you want to create a new subscription, click the ‘Create new subscription” button, and select all events type from the drop-down list. You can create your own subscription by using available filters:

If you prefer to type in the query manually, click on EXTENDED SUBSCRIPTION and you will be presented with a subscription query field:

For example, if you want to be informed about tickets form XX_EXMPL project, which will reach PENDING WAIT ONSITE status, start typing the following query: ‘project: XX_EXMPL AND status:(“PENDING WAIT ONSITE”)’ – the query you want might already appear in the drop down and you can choose it – click ‘Save’ to add your new configuration.

Whenever a ticket will reach status mentioned above, you will see the number near the bell icon. Clicking on it will take you to the my subscriptions & my reminders page.

My search queries

On MY SEARCH QUERIES page you will see the list of your saved queries on the left-hand side:

If you want to add a new configuration, click the ‘Create new query’ icon and enter a query, which you will use to search for tickets in Extended Search.

You can edit your current search queries by selecting one from your list. It might be helpful to use ticket filter help page available, once clicking the question mark button (for more details please see Extended Search topic).

You can also configure a default query, which will be automatically selected and applied, when opening the main page of Gepard: