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How to use email templates

With the help of email templates you can configure prefilled emails with own adjusting data fields for certain projects.
Here is how to configure email templates

  1. Click on the hamburger menu.
  2. Expand the ‘Projects’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Mail templates’.

On the start screen you are granted with all email templates that are in the system. They are sorted by ascending ID Number. Each email template has a name, a subject, and the amount of projects it is assigned to. Additionally the active sign displays, whether the template is active in use or if not.

You can search through the email template list by selecting the desired project and/or the template name and/or whether it is active or not. The ‘X’ button near the active filter lets you delete all previously filled fields.

In order to create a new mail you click on the plus button located at the right-side of the filters and you will be prompted with a form. In the form you can prepare the email template:

  1. Decide whether your email template will be set to active or not directly after configuration.
  2. Decide for which projects your email template should be active. You can customize the email template for multiple projects at once by just adding other projects.
  3. Name your email template.
  4. Describe your email template.
  5. Select from which email address the email should be sent.
  6. Select to which email address or addresses the email should be sent.
  7. Customize to whom you want to CC (‘Carbon Copy’) the email, in case you want that.
  8. Customize to whom you want to BCC (‘Blind Carbon Copy’) the email, in case you want that.
  9. Define the email subject, in case you want that.
  10. Define your email content.
  11. Click ‘Save’.

Aliases can be used inside email templates, eg. in the body or subject fields.

After your email template is saved and ready for being used, it can be triggered for a configured project.

Search for the project inside the Search window of Gepard and select a ticket for which you want to invoke the email template:

After that select ‘Memo’ in the Ticket Tab that opens and select ‘Mail’ and the template form opens:

  1. Sends the email filled with the preset.
  2. Lets you preview the email, that will be sent out. Previewing is especially useful to check if your aliases behave, as intended.
  3. Lets you clear the form and lets you select a new template or write the email new from the scratch.
  4. Closes the meial window.

After your template is loaded, it is ready to be sent (1). If you have set aliases in the template you can also preview (2) them and check, if they’re working as intended.

History tab

Emails that have been sent are logged in the history tab under Mailllog section.