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2022 – Gepard

FeatureDevice• New field: Total Gross Weight is a new field inside Device tab
FeatureMy queries• Swapped device information is now searchable
ImprovementForms• Form creator - Button name from "CLEAR FORM" to "CREATE NEW"
ImprovementAdd parts• When adding a new part, you can search a stock using the dynamic drop-down list with search suggestions
ImprovementMonitoring• You cannot set an unlimited amount of time for critical condition anymore. The limit applied is 36000 minutes and if this threshold is exceeded, an error will be displayed
ImprovementEmail templates• When you edit the email templates, Gepard will check if entries in "From" and "To fields are correct
FixGeneral• Importing forms from Integration to Production environment is possible
• Magnifying glass search next to the engineerID will show you tickets reported by the engineer, and not, as previously, assigned to the engineer
• The bug related to date values in custom queries is fixed
• When you edit the email templates, Gepard will check if values in “From” and “To” fields are correct.
• An extra check was implemented to “Add parts by Entry Id” option, preventing the user from putting and invalid (excessively large) Entry ID: "Entry ID can't be larger than 2147483647".
• [@ArrayParts] now correctly deals with backslashes in part data (by replacing them with forward slashes)
• Error related to moving form elements between groups is fixed
• Translations are correctly displayed for system notifications
• Filters now work correctly in the Dashboard
• All tickets with ticket infos needing acknowledging on orange banners will be displayed in the Ticket Info Tab
• Issue related to acknowledging a ticket info, with forms being opened, is fixed